According to a recent article in Bee Culture Magazine entitled, “Urban Gardens and Allotments Provide Especially Good Habitat for Pollinator Communities”, by Mike Gaworecki, urban areas can play an important role in conserving our pollinators.  Traditionally, cities have been thought to have much lower biodiversity compared to rural areas, but new studies find that this is not always the case.

Pollinators are under threat by a wide array of factors that include loss of habitat, disease, climate change, intensification of farmland, and pesticides.  Now we can put our urban areas to use helping pollinators in order to help offset declines elsewhere.

Mike states that “a team of researchers led by scientists at the United Kingdom’s University of Bristol studies pollinators and floral resources at 360 sites in four British cities representing all major urban land uses, including allotments (community gardens), cemeteries, gardens, man-made surfaces like parking lots, nature reserves and other green spaces, parks, sidewalks, and road verges.”  The researchers reported that urban gardens and allotments can supply especially good habitat for pollinators.

The lead researcher of this study, Dr. Katherine Baldock, stated that “this is the first study to examine pollinator communities as a whole in entire urban areas”.  She also stated that, “towns and cities could be acting as important refuges for pollinators in the wider landscape, especially since agricultural areas can be limited in terms of the habitat they provide.”

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Using Open-Pollinated Flower Seeds for Pollinator Conservation

Yellow Lupine (Lupinus densiflorus aureus)

Here at Applewood Seed Company we specialize in small to largescale production of open-pollinated flower seeds, which include wildflowers, heirloom garden flowers and newer flower varieties. Most of these flowers need insect pollinators for successful seed production. We are a strong advocate of pollinator conservation and are actively involved in research, education, and policy-making for pollinator issues. Here […]