About Applewood Seed Company

Applewood Seed Company

Our Beginnings

Applewood Seed Company was founded by Gene Milstein in 1965 in Golden, Colorado. The facility includes office and warehouse space, field trials and a seed testing laboratory. A comprehensive research program was developed in the 1970s to explore all aspects of growing wildflowers including adaptability, planting rates, site preparation, weed control, developing balanced seed mixtures, moisture requirements and long term maintenance.

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Highest Quality Seed and Seed Standards

As interest in wildflowers expanded in the 1980’s, Applewood began marketing bulk wildflower seed to the landscape industry. Our customers include golf courses, highway and parks departments, government agencies and seed companies worldwide. Applewood has always had a commitment to supplying high quality seed.

Our Registered Seed Technologist supervises all aspects of quality control including germination and purity testing. This insures that your seed will be of the highest quality standards and exceed the minimum germination rates required by law. We also participate in various industry programs to support ongoing seed research.

Seed Production and Extensive Inventory

Seed production takes place in many different climates and locations to insure a continual supply of high quality seed on a year-round basis. We maintain an extensive inventory of seed in our Colorado warehouse which enables us to fill orders promptly any time of the year.

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Applewood seed roudned image

Excellent Customer Service and Prompt Shipping

Providing prompt service has always been an important facet of Applewood Seed Company. Applewood’s professional staff provides free telephone consultation on seed selection, planting times, soil preparation and seeding techniques. They also can help formulate custom seed mixtures for any climate or region of the world. Advanced computer software and business systems enable prompt and accurate order entry, fulfillment and shipping.

Applewood Seed Company About us

Registered Seed Technologist

Applewood Seed Company About us

Extensive Inventory

Applewood Seed Company About us

Excellent Customer Service

Applewood Seed Company About us

Prompt Order Fulfillment

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