Zinnia Dahlia Flowered Mix (Zinnia elegans)

American Bee Journal has reported that Bayer’s Feed A Bee Program has reached an important goal – to award at least one grant to a project in all 50 states, which they did recently.  Their latest grant recipient was Gateway to the Arctic Camp in Talkeetna, Alaska.  This non-profit camp teaches sustainability, farming and environmental stewardship and will be dedicating an entire field to forage for pollinators.

Feed A Bee is Bayer’s national pollinator forage initiative which started in 2015.  This grant program provides funding to individuals, non-profits, growers, beekeepers, schools, clubs, government agencies and other organizations to create pollinator-focused planting projects which provide more diverse and abundant nutrition resources for pollinators.

Dr. Becky Langer, project manager for the Bayer North American Bee Care Program states, “We’re proud to have awarded more than $650,000 for pollinator-focused planting projects over the last three years.  We’re now connected to 163 organizations all over the country who are thinking critically about how to diversify forage for pollinators, have put that plan into action and, equally important, have integrated educational components encouraging their local community to get involved.”

We at Applewood Seed offer our congratulations to Bayer for their hard work and dedication that made it possible to reach their goal for their Feed A Bee program.