The Gifts of Conservation

How to contribute to pollinators and wildlife conservation

In a recent post by, they brought needed attention to the gifts given to us through conservation, and how our protection of the environment has lasting benefits on our planet and for future generations. At Applewood Seed Co., we share a similar drive to incorporate conservation into all aspects of our business. From our research on pollinator conservation, maintaining genetic traits of open-pollinated flowers, and increasing yields from pollination-dependent crops, we are openly proud of our contributions to conservation and are encouraged by the #12giftsofconservation from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Agriculturalists can help support the push for greater conservation efforts in a number of ways such as participating in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) particularly the CP25 Restoration of Rare & Declining Habitat, CP42 Pollinator Habitat, Honeybee & Monarch Initiatives, CP43 Prairie Strips, and Wildlife Habitat programs. Forbs in these programs are essential and we offer a number of mixtures and individual species at Applewood Seed Co. Our inventory for 2021 is increasing and we have a good quantity of species available for prompt or Spring shipment.

When you consider your contribution to conservation, we encourage the use of native forbs for your region and we are professional experts in assisting you select the most appropriate mix or species for your next planting. We also have a number of broad-use mixes that give back to pollinators and highlight the continued support for their conservation which are listed below. Contact us or register for our online store access for pricing information.

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