AppleWood Seed Co Single Blog Post Img Dormant seeding, a fairly common practice for turf seed on athletic fields when the playing season ends, can also be advantageous for planting wildflowers. It is appropriate in areas with cool climates when supplemental irrigation cannot be provided and adequate rainfall is anticipated in the spring.

When air and soil temperatures are too low for germination, typically after several freezes but before there is snow cover, it is time to dormant seed. Besides taking advantage of spring moisture, there are other benefits. These include: soil preparation, weed control and seeding can be done whenever the soil is dry enough to work; the seed will be in place and ready to germinate as soon as soil temperatures are warm enough in the spring; soil expansion and contraction during the winter can improve seed-soil contact; and some seeds that exhibit dormancy will benefit from the moist chilling provided over the winter.

Perhaps this is the year to try dormant seeding. Call our knowledgeable sales staff with questions or for advice on this procedure to get a jump on spring.

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