You’ve probably noticed how many online and offline options are out there for purchasing flower seeds for your business. But one company stands out from all the rest with their extensive benefits.
If your current supplier cannot offer these same benefits, then it’s time to check out Applewood Seed Company for your next purchase.

#1. 50+ Years of Industry Experience

Applewood Seed Company sells wildflower, garden flower, native grass and herb seeds nationally and internationally to many different wholesale markets.

We work with over 100 professional seed growers in many different climates and geographical areas. We see it as our mission to provide you with not only the highest quality flower and grass seed but also to provide you with all the information necessary to succeed. We put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

#2. Seed Quality Testing & Management

Our Registered Seed Technologist is the expert on staff at Applewood Seed who supervises all aspects of quality control which ensures that your seed has been tested to meet high quality standards for germination and purity.

We also engage in variety improvement where we actively manage open pollinated varieties to ensure that physical traits of flowers are not lost by cross-pollinating with other varieties or species. In addition, we regularly visit our seed growers to sustain the quality of the garden flower varieties.

#3. Year Round In-stock Availability

Applewood Seed Warehouse

We maintain an extensive inventory of over 400 different seed varieties in our temperature controlled warehouse located in Colorado. We can help you with your seed selection, provide the quality reports for your seed, and provide additional information such as planting times, soil preparation and seeding techniques.

Using Open-Pollinated Flower Seeds for Pollinator Conservation

Yellow Lupine (Lupinus densiflorus aureus)

Here at Applewood Seed Company we specialize in small to largescale production of open-pollinated flower seeds, which include wildflowers, heirloom garden flowers and newer flower varieties. Most of these flowers need insect pollinators for successful seed production. We are a strong advocate of pollinator conservation and are actively involved in research, education, and policy-making for pollinator issues. Here […]