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Featured Flower: Dwarf Helenium (Helenium amarum)

One of our native wildflowers, Helenium amarum, comes from the genus, Helenium, believed to be named after Helen of Troy. The species name, amarum, means bitter, which refers to the bitter taste of the plants. Other common names are Bitterweed, American Bitterweed and Bitter Sneezeweed.   Dwarf Helenium is a native annual from Texas, the Southeastern and […]


How to Create an Effective Pollinator Seed Mix

Academic research has shown that diverse flower seed mixes provide the most benefits to bees and pollinators compared to mixes with just one to several flower species. It is important to choose flower species that are known to be attractive to pollinators which will greatly enhance the efficiency of these mixes.  Flower mixes should contain early, […]


Take a Look at Our New Products for 2019

We are introducing three new garden flowers, one native wildflower, and one new herb this year. Some of our new flowers will be additions to our pollinator, regional and special-use seed mixtures. In addition, we are introducing a brand new pollinator mixture: The Bumblebee Buffet Mixture. The first of our new garden flowers is Dwarf […]


Lemon Mint

Foliage of this annual mint has a pungent, lemony scent. Flowers come in dense clusters of lavender-pink to white. A southern U.S. native, plants are found on limestone, rocky or sandy prairies and in pastures or gravelly hillsides. Hummingbirds are attracted to Lemon Mint and it makes a delightful addition to the sunny, fragrant garden.


Flower Seed For Spring Color

By early spring, most gardeners look forward to seeing color in their gardens again.   You can plan ahead for next year by sowing spring blooming plants this year.  Here are some of the best spring-blooming perennials and re-seeding annuals.  The following plants do well in most parts of the United States.