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Selecting a Seed Mix

Our Regional Mixtures are designed to fit the broad cross-section of conditions that generally exist within any one geographic region (and within any one project), i.e., variations in soil, slope, drainage, exposure and availability of moisture.

For example, we include species for both moist and dry conditions in each mixture, provided that these conditions exist in the particular region. Furthermore, species are included on the basis of their versatility or ability to adapt.

If conditions are relatively consistent or the requirements exacting, one of our Special-Use Mixtures may be appropriate (eg. Dry, Moist, Low- Growing, Super-Short or Shade Mix). For instance, on the rough of a golf course where moisture is controlled, our Moist Mixture may be a better choice than the Regional Mixture indicated for the area.

Likewise, our Low-Growing Mixture (less than 16 inches high) and Knee-Hi Mixture (less than 24 inches high), have been designed to meet the demand from urban and suburban landscape architects and contractors for low-growing blends. These mixtures have a “semi-wild” appearance and can be used along roadsides, in parks, and in commercial and residential developments without looking weedy. Neither mixture will need mowing except once in the late fall, if desired. Both mixtures are very versatile and contain species that will flourish in either dry or moist situations.