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Happy New Year from your Friends at Applewood Seed!

We are pleased to present the new 2022 Applewood Seed Co. Seed Catalog. We have added a number of new items for this year. You will find a brief summary of these items in the “New Products for 2022” on the third page of the catalog.

We have six new Sunflowers this year: ‘Earthwalker’, ‘Henry Wilde, ‘Incredible’, ‘Mongolian Giant’, ‘Rouge Royale’, and ‘Ice Cream’. Additionally, we are introducing three new Marigolds and two new Zinnias: French Marigold ‘Red Cherry’, African Marigold ‘Hawaii’, Signet Marigold ‘Starfire Mix’, Zinnia ‘Isabellina’, and Zinnia ‘Peppermint Stick’. Finally, we have also added One-Sided Beardtongue and Starry Rosinweed into our flower seed selections starting this year. You will find the most complete descriptions and images of all these new items on our website which you see by clicking here.

Over the past year, we have made significant investments in our warehouse expansion, mixing capacity, and process improvements which will enhance customer service capabilities, increase product availability, and allow prompt shipments of your orders throughout 2022.

Our sales staff have educational expertise in their specialties plus years of practical experience in the seed industry. For any special inquiries or requests, including custom/specialty mixes, please do not hesitate to contact us by email,, or by phone, (303) 431-7333.

As a 100% employee-owned company, our sales team is happy to offer you assistance with horticultural, marketing, or sales advice as we begin the 2022 sales year. Because your success is our success, we are here to help you succeed with all our flower, herb, and native grass seeds. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us with any special inquiries or requests including custom mixes that you might have. We would be pleased to make suggestions or offer other technical assistance regarding your needs.

Thank you for your continuing business. We look forward to meeting your expectations in the coming year with attentive customer service, high quality seed, and the broad knowledge of the seed industry that you have come to expect from Applewood Seed Co.
Wishing you the best for a prosperous new year!
Applewood Seed Co.

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