AppleWood Seed Company Blog ImageCosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) is an annual flower that is native to Mexico and has been grown in American gardens for over 150 years. Plants prefer sunny conditions and can tolerate heat and poorer soils. They have low water requirements, making them ideal for xeriscaping. They also attract butterflies, birds and pollinators such as honey bees and bumble bees, and they make great cut flowers. Many varieties have been developed since ‘Sensation Mixture’ became an All America Selection winner in 1936.

Applewood carries a nice assortment of these Cosmos varieties:

‘Sensation Mix’ – 3-5 feet tall in shades of white, pink, rose and crimson.

Dwarf Cosmos – 2-3 feet tall in shades of white, pink, rose and crimson.

‘Candystripe’ – white with rose to crimson markings

‘Daydream’ – white to pale pink with a rosy blush in the center

‘Dazzler’ – solid crimson red

‘Gloria’ – pink with rose eye

‘Picotee’ – bi-colored variety with white flowers with petals that are edged with magenta

‘Pinkie’ – solid pink

‘Purity’ – solid white

‘Radiance’ – rose with dark crimson eye

‘Seashells’ – pink, white, rose and crimson flowers with rolled or fluted petals

‘Seashells’ – close up of fluted petals

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