Flower Seed Collections: Cosmos


Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) is an annual flower that is native to Mexico and has been grown in American gardens for over 150 years. Plants prefer sunny conditions and can tolerate heat and poorer soils. They have low water requirements, making them ideal for xeriscaping. They also attract butterflies, birds and pollinators such as honey bees […]

Help The Monarch Butterfly


Most people have heard that the monarch butterfly is in trouble.  Numerous reports have indicated that their numbers have declined by over 95% in the U.S.  The loss of habitat has been the main issue.  All habitat sites used for breeding, migrating and overwintering have been impacted.  The loss of milkweed in these habitats, a […]

Why is Pollinator Conservation Needed?

Summer Forget-Me-Not

Animal and insect pollinators are essential to pollination in over 75% of the world’s flowering plants, which includes roughly 35 percent of the world’s crops. Animal and insect pollinators include bees, moths, flies, bats, birds, ants, butterflies, wasps and beetles. Some of these pollinator species, including honey bees, have declined in numbers, become endangered or […]

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