Applewood Seed Co. Chosen as a 2022 Finalist for

Colorado Companies to Watch Award

The employee-owners of Applewood Seed Co. are pleased to announce that ASCO has been named a 2022 Colorado Companies to Watch Finalist.  To be eligible for this award a Colorado-based company needs to be what is referred to as a “second stage” company, employing 6-99 people and focused on continued growth within the business.

Colorado Companies to Watch: By the Numbers


Number of companies in Colorado that meet the “second stage” criterion


Companies that applied or were nominated for CCTW in 2022


Finalists Announced for 2022

57 years

ASCO is the oldest company in contention for the 2022 CCTW Award

“This is a very impressive group to be associated with. I feel that we have made monumental progress in the 2021 and 2022 fiscal years to even be considered with this group,” stated Norm Poppe, CEO. “Many of the companies are just past the “startup” phase and in a growth mode to be considered “second stage”.  Applewood Seed’s inclusion as a finalist represents a renaissance in the company, both in the recognition of the company’s growth and as an employee-owned company.”

The 50 Winners for the 2022 CCTW award will be announced at a Gala held on June 17th, 2022.

You can find the full list of all the innovative and diverse companies that we are competing with through the button below.

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